Our customers are saying…

Bob C
Stuart, FL
I have really enjoyed the lime and lemongrass shampoo bar, awesome!!
Troy, NY
I bought the KB deodorant 2 years ago–I’m a cancer survivor and feel confident there are no harmful ingredients.
Stuart, FL
I love your products! I have both Celiac and Lupus Disease and suffer from a number of food intolerances and allergies. Most women don’t realize how much lipstick or lip balm they actually ingest. I feel totally safe using your products and that means the world to me! I use your body balm, body whip, soap, and lip balm. They’re all superb products and very reasonably priced compared to the products I used to purchase at health food stores. Keep up the good work!
NYC, New York
I don’t leave the house without my Coconut Kissed Lip Balm! It is my year round solution for treating parched lips in the winter and sun-baked lips in the summer!
Kee Botanicals Coconut Kissed Body Balm has worked wonders for my 7 year old son’s eczema. It is easy to apply, and has helped alleviate his need for topical steroids.
Fort Pierce, FL
I love the Body Whip and have used the cocoa and coconut. I use it primarily on my face and neck in the morning. It makes my face feel healthy and enriched. I put a light layer of makeup over it after it has a chance to be absorbed into my skin. I also use the shampoo bar and it makes my hair feel full and clean.
I was recently at the Ft Pierce Farmer’s Market and bought the coconut stick (body balm) for my four year old that has eczema pretty bad in the creases of his arms and both sides of his torso. We have tried everything but THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! It is the only thing we found that within a week it was completely remoisturized and almost gone! . . .We will definitely be buying more of this! Thanks again.
Since using Kee Botanical’s Body Balm I have not been bitten by noseeumes, Thanks!
Thank you so much for mailing the Coconut Kissed stick (body balm) to our family. It healed our son’s baseball sliding injury great!