Our Inspiration

The Story Begins

Over the years, Theresa & Brian began to wonder about all the chemicals they were being exposed to and how they could be absorbed into their skin. As a result, they began to research natural and organic raw materials for the skin and body that had no toxic ingredients. Consequently, they developed the Kee Botanicals line of natural and organic body care products in 2011. Each product contains organic coconut oil plus other safe, simple and organic, plant-based ingredients that will gently clean and moisturize your skin and hair.

The Story Continues

Shirley & Steve have also been concerned with what is ingested and what is absorbed through the skin. When this business became available in 2017 they jumped at the chance to continue the business with products they believe in! They were delighted to continue the original mission and commitment of Kee Botanicals as well as developing some new products along the way!

Our Commitment

We commit to the same integrity as those who founded Kee Botanicals, to create the purest, all natural, organic plant-based skin care products that are safe for everyone to use every day which will always be chemical-free for healthy nourished skin! Shirley & Steve https://keebotanicals.com (321) 613-7576 Melbourne, FL

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